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I'm Ashley - Your Program Coordinator!

Hello Gang!

I am super excited to introduce myself, I’m Ashley MacDonald and I will be your Program & Placement Coordinator!

For Employers -

Finding reliable help is hard, and I am very aware of the struggles the equine industry is facing when it comes to hiring. Look no further, adding an OEEEP student to your barn will help you mold an enthusiastic worker into your ideal barn candidate!

For Students -

I have lots of experience and connections throughout the equine industry that I will be utilizing to get you a placement that you truly enjoy and prosper in. Horses have been my passion since I can remember, and I cannot wait to be on this new adventure with you. Once in the program, I will be catching up with each and everyone of you. We will go in depth about your placement desires, online learning likes/dislikes, and gathering some information for your personal placement work outfits.

If you have any questions, ideas for placements, or just want to talk about the program opportunities please don’t hesitate to email/call me.


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