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Employer Information: Services

​We appreciate all the employers who have already signed up to make this program a success. If you are interested in becoming an employer here is some information you need to know:

  • Employers are required to have WSIB or something equivalent and third-party liability insurance

  • Employers are required to have a payroll 

  • When a participant is completing a placement at your facility as the employer you are eligible to have 50% of the wages covered through the program for up to $5000 

Once Registration is complete the next steps are: 

  • To be contacted by the OHHA Team to set up a site visit 

Ready for Students: 

  • Students will be completing their online training for 6 weeks and then be ready for hands-on training through placement 

  • Review resumes that are sent, once a student has been placed a Placement Agreement will be completed. 

  • Weekly timesheets will need to be submitted to VPI to track student hours 

  • At the end of placement employers will be responsible to complete the checklist to sign off that student has the necessary skills to safely work with horses

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